A note from Sharon

My passion is helping performers.  For me, finding an exciting new talent is the highlight of my job and I know it is for my peers and casting directors as well.

This is the beginning of my "give back project". A chance to offer help, support and mentoring to up and coming or struggling performers to enable you to get the material you need, know how to source the right work and find the right agent. 

For parents of aspiring actors the course is a must do before you get started. It is so easy to waste money and time and still you end up with a disappointed child. No parent wants that.

Why am I charging at all if it is a "give back project"?  If you do not have sufficient faith in your ability and talent to pay $67 for a lifetime of information and support then The Village is not the right place for you.

We want to work with those who know they have something special and are prepared to do whatever it takes to shine a light on it.

I am excited about the potential for the talented artists who join The Village and who, with our help, can not only aim for the stars but get there. 

Is it possible?  Yes, it is. 



The Managers Office

With the four week step-by-step course, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and tools: what you need to do, why you need to do it and how to do it to keep you moving forward as a performer.

The Coffee Shop

Our private Facebook group where you can chat with us and your peers, resolve any questions or problems you have and start your network. Who knows who you might meet there.

The Music Room

Expert guidance and advice for musicians and singers with regular video training modules, interviews and advice from industry professionals

The Green Room

Interviews and posts by industry professionals, including working actors in Hollywood talking about their journey - the good, the bad and the rejection.

Make sure you are ready when opportunity comes


I used to think being a good actor was enough, that people would have to take notice if I was good enough. After several years with my head down working on my craft, I try to get into the race and realize I have no idea how this race even works.  

Since completing the village course I finally have a grasp on the business side of things and what is expected of me.

Melissa and Teili

Overall ’The Village’ has been the best source of information I have ever used. The course modules were easy to follow, understand and navigate back and forth to make sure nothing was missed.

Because my daughters' goal is to become and actress and singer, ’The Village’ is an excellent resource to have on hand. 

In The Managers Office

Week One

  •  Getting Started - how to choose your type and your target niche and why it is so important - and I am not talking about typecasting.  I am talking about focusing your energy on the easier path.  Energy flows where focus is.
  •  The Casting Process - check out your agents mindset and also the casting directors decision making process - why some get auditions and some don't and how you can be one who gets auditions.
  •  Photos - the door to your online profile. Why your photos are so very important and how to get the ones you need without spending a lot of (or in some cases) any money.

Week Two

  •  Casting Sites and services - the differences, the good, the bad and the ugly. What you need and why. 
  •  Auditions - how you can trip yourself up before you even get in the audition room and the etiquette around the casting room and the casting directors.
  • The Decision Makers - who are they and how do they make the decisions they do? What you can do to change their decisions. 
  •  Musicians - an introduction to The Music Room.
  •  The Unicorn Universe - a look at goal setting and taking action.

Week Three

  • Self-submitting and Self-taping - why what you do when submitting yourself can impact on your career (good and bad) long term and why your self-tapes have to be amazing - and how to achieve that.  
  • Training - what kind of training you need, when and why.
  • Taking Action - the motivation and how to, to start taking the actions you need to succeed.
  •  Casting directors and auditions - a bit more insight into the casting process and how you can avoid the career killing moves.
  •  Mindset - an introduction to rejection and how to deal with it.

Week Four

  • Scenes and show reels - why they are so important, the differences are AND how your scenes or reel can impact how your agent perceives you and what work they submit you for.  I also offer advice on how to get great scenes.
  • Agents and Managers - what they do, how to choose and sign with a great agent or manager and how to work with them so you achieve your goals.
  •  Working Internationally - Visa's and what you need to do to qualify.
  •  Social Media  - how to connect with the decision makers in a way that helps you build a relationship with them.
  •  Networking - reaching out made easy.

In The Music Room

With a more relaxed feel, The Music Room is structured with a series of videos you can watch in any order, with regular additions - topics are open so if you require advice around a topic let us know in The Coffee Shop.

In The Green Room

Again a more relaxed feel, The Green Room will feature interviews with celebrities, working actors, industry professionals - in fact anyone we think can help you on your journey.

And then

Ongoing advice and assistance as you need it - meet us in The Coffee Shop. Let us help you on your journey to success.

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